Renewing, Relocating, Expanding, or Looking for new office space?

  • renewing

    Renewing an exsisting office space to ensure effeciency.

  • relocating

    Moving your office space to another existing location that better suits your needs.

  • expanding

    Building to expand your exsisting office space to better fit your growing company.

  • looking

    Starting fresh with a new office building for your business.

Tenant Representation Services

  • At First Continental Realty, we specialize in Tenant Representation Services, giving our clients the comfort that their transaction is our number one priority, regardless of their size. Whether your company is considering an expansion, relocation, consolidation, renewal, build-to-suit, or purchase, First Continental Realty provides long-term real estate solutions to create a business environment tailored to your facility’s requirements.

  • The real estate Lease Agreement represents one of the most complex associations in business. It represents dozens, sometimes hundreds of mutual obligations between tenant and landlord, often outlasting real estate and economic cycles, employee changes, and business relationships. For you, the tenant, the lease is often its largest single financial commitment. For the landlord, it may determine the property’s financial viability. Entering into a lease demands technical expertise of the highest caliber. In the current real estate climate where non-rent factors have emerged as increasingly significant aspects of negotiations; demonstrated effectiveness is required.

  • As a tenant, we understand that you must consider an almost endless list of variables, such as operating expense escalations, work letters, electrical charges, sublease and assignments rights, tax considerations, renewal or expansion options, and more. We assist clients by clearly defining space requirements, leveraging our local market knowledge and relationships, and aggressively negotiating favorable lease terms which support our clients’ evolving business objectives.

  • We continually refine our unique Tenant Representation processes, which clearly identify each team member’s respective role and responsibility throughout the implementation of each assignment. We act as a single point of contact throughout the entire process, ensuring seamless workflow and accountability.

The Scope of Our Services

Finding the Right Space or a Buyer for your Property

Negotiating Lease
Sale Terms

Renegotiations and Renewals

Access to National Market Data for Comparative Studies

Financial and Acquisition Strategy Analysis

Monitor Construction

Corporate Services

Market Research & Analysis

Facility Relocation and Acquisition Services

Lease Advisory

Company Information



As the Principal of First Continental Realty with over twenty years of experience in the Houston Real Estate Market, Brad is recognized industry wide as an outstanding Real Estate professional.

With eleven of those years as a Landlords’ Representative working for Moody Rambin, Cushman & Wakefield and Metro National, Brad has developed a vast knowledge of office leasing transactions from both the tenant and landlords perspective. That experience will provide you a complete understanding of your options in the real estate decision making process whether you are approaching renewal, expansion of your current space or just beginning to search for a new office location.

With over six hundred transactions to date, Brad looks forward to the opportunity to provide you and your company outstanding representation.

Brad is a graduate of Memorial High School and received his Bachelor of Science in Management from Texas Tech University.

Rick Haines, jr.

Managing director

Rick Haines, Jr. is a managing director and partner specializing in tenant representation. The eleven year veteran of the industry focuses on business development and client services, developing comprehensive and strategic real estate plans as well as negotiating leases, renewals, and extensions. During his career, Rick has negotiated over 165 transactions valued at $70 million.

Prior to joining First Continental, Rick worked at the global firm, Savills Studley, exclusively representing tenants throughout Houston with their commercial real estate needs.

Before entering real estate, Rick served as a staff assistant in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC. Appointed by the President of the United States, George W. Bush, his responsibilities included drafting morning press briefings for colleagues and superiors. In addition, Rick worked as an assistant in the Office of the Senior Adviser at the White House and as the operations site manager for the 55th Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Rick, a native Houstonian, is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas. He serves as a professional volunteer in the Criminal Investigations Division of the Houston Police Department and is an active member of Second Baptist Church.

Rick earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Baylor University.

Frequently asked questions

  • + Why should my company engage an experienced real estate advisor?

    The landlords have professional representation looking out for their best interests; your company needs the same. First Continental Realty will create a competition for your company’s tenancy in the marketplace among landlords. This often results in a company paying lower gross occupancy costs in the final lease agreement reached.

  • + Why do you recommend an office tenant sign a letter of representation with one specific advisor?

    Signing a letter of representation with a licensed agent or broker ensures that you will have one advisor working hard to represent your company in the marketplace. He or she will take ownership of your company’s needs and generate a competitive process among landlords for your company’s lease. Talking to several brokers simultaneously, without committing to work with any one specifically, does not provide any one person with an incentive to look out for your company’s best interests.

  • + How are First Continental Realty’s advisors compensated for their time representing my company?

    The landlord with whom you eventually execute a lease usually pays your advisor. Compensation is typically consistent throughout the marketplace (rarely does one landlord pay substantially more than another to brokers) and is based upon the size of space you lease, and the length of term. Having a signed mandate letter from your company typically ensures an advisor that he or she will be paid by the landlord once your lease is complete.

  • + How large does my company have to be before we should engage the services of First Continental Realty?

    With a commitment to understand the needs of our clients before we begin our assignments, our team covers all aspects of the office spectrum. From small independent companies and decisions to complex multi-location transactions, First Continental Realty is able to handle any size of need.

  • + Can First Continental Realty assist me with my company’s renewal?

    Yes, all First Continental Realty advisors are licensed real estate agents who can be engaged to negotiate a renewal on behalf of a tenant; they are typically compensated by the landlord for this effort, similar to the process for a new lease. Note: a good advisor will always analyze renewal as one of your overall options.

  • + How does Tenant Representation work?

    Tenant Representation means that your advisor works exclusively for you and therefore poses no conflict working with you on your office lease. The service is delivered by First Continental Realty brokers who subscribe to our philosophy, and are ethical, hardworking, intelligent, educated, highly trained, team-orientated professionals.

  • + How much time should I allow for the process of looking for new space?

    First Continental Realty prefers to start at least 12-18 months prior to lease expiry. The process can take longer if a build-to-suit (new construction) is the best option for your company. If insufficient time exists, your advisor can often negotiate a short term extension with your landlord to provide more flexibility.

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